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The goal of this campaign is to help facilitate the travel for Kai Sosceles and Noel Yee to document the lives of 10 flow artists around the world, these include individuals from the US, Europe, Central America and Asia. You can make a difference by  donating before June 2nd 2015. This funding is working to get Give Props filmed in 2015, edited in 2016 and debuted by February 2017. Click the support button to contribute to creating a body of work that will last for generations to come.


What is Give Props Documentary? 

Give Props seeks to explore the lives of flow artists around the world by visiting them in their homes and countries to capture a small piece of how they can impact and change the world in their actions and behaviours.   We will visit flow artisits in countries that do not support the arts and are in dire need as in parts of asia.  We will visit south america where flow arts can be a part of making a living or lifestyle.  We'll also be telling the huge success stories that have happened thus far in the European and American communities. Give Props Doc wants to highlight our strengths and stuggles and show the world that what we do is meaningful and important.  Help us by getting the word out. 

Give Props Documentary is moving forward into year two.  We have learned a lot in this process and are excited to bring to you what is coming up for 2015.   

In 2015 we have worked endlessly bringing to you the public

  • Festival recaps and photos 
  • More exciting interviews 
  • Up to date cool things in the flow world via our facebook page. 
  • Props to organizations that work with children in the SF Bay Area and Beyond

In order for Kai and Noel to continue with the main project of filming the documentary we need your help.   Take a second to check our rewards in the side bar.  These rewards have been offered from community members for our campaign.  Check them out and get one! 

What will all these fund be going to? 

  • Partial travel costs to over 3 continents 
  • A few Additional pieces of photo gear 
  • Partial lodging if need on the road 

That's it.  Kai and Noel will fund all the other costs and associated production elements for the filming of this documentary.  

If you're looking to skip the fuss and donate straight-away, please send all proceeds via Paypal to GivePropsDoc@gmail.com.





Frequently Asked Questions

  • Any other questions?

    Please find us at http://facebook.com/GivePropsDoc where you can follow our progress, travels, ask questions and see how you can be a part of the documentary. :-)

  • What will my donation be spent on?

    Noel and Kai will pay for all their festival tickets, travel within country, unpaid time off work, food and all other expenses. This campaigns rewards will primarily going to help offset some of the costs of travel to and from filming destinations world wide.

  • What is Give Props Documentary going to include?

    Kai and Noel will be collecting footage over the 2015 and early 2016 to create a documentary that puts a different spin onto the lives of flow artists world wide. We will do this by profiling artists from all over the world that participate in some way with flow arts.

  • Who are Kai and Noel?

    Kai and Noel are residents of the Vulcan who will traveling to document the profiles of flow artists, jugglers and manipulators world wide. Kai likes pugs, Noel likes cats.

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